Clean vs. Dirty Coils

Performance and Energy Savings: The Benefits of Clean vs. Dirty Coils

Clean vs Dirty Coils commercialPeachtree Service Experts Heating & Air in Atlanta provides a variety of HVAC services, from routine maintenance to heating and cooling repairs. Our expert HVAC maintenance also includes coil cleanings on your systems, which is more substantial than you may think.

The difference in system efficiency between clean and dirty coils is astonishing. Dirty coils prohibit your system from operating at its peak efficiency. In fact, dirty coils may reduce humidity removal, breed bacteria, decrease air flow, and increase energy expenses. Studies have shown dirty coils can consume up to 37% more electricity and result in a 30% loss in heating and cooling capacity.1 Plus, if they aren’t cleaned regularly, dirty coils might lead to more breakdowns, costing you more year after year.

At Peachtree Service Experts in Atlanta, our NATE-certified HVAC technicians will clean your system’s coils in a way that gets rid of dirt and dust without damaging the unit. Clean HVAC coils will leave you with better airflow, maximum operation efficiency, improved indoor air quality, and lower heating and cooling expenses. As always, when you work with Peachtree Service Experts, you’ll get our written 100% Satisfaction Guarantee, so you can rest easy knowing that you’re covered by the experts.

Let your air conditioner or furnace produce the best air for your company, and schedule a coil cleaning appointment today. You can set up your appointment online or call 678-235-9699, and don’t forget to see our current discounts for additional savings.

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