5 Ways to Better Your Familys Air Quality in Atlanta

You may not realize it, but the air inside your house could be concealing more irritants than outside air. These pollutants can inflame seasonal allergies here in the U.S.. Thankfully, keeping up your house’s air quality isn’t as challenging as you might expect, and with some small, steady shifts, you can diminish the odds that these pollutants and allergens will trouble you. Here are five real measures you can try to enhance the air quality in your home: 

1. Tidying Up

Regular cleaning to eliminate dust, debris and dirt is a good way to considerably promote the condition of the air in your space. This includes dusting, vacuuming and mopping the surfaces and floors of your rooms that are most likely to collect these substances. If you have animals, you’ll also handle excess fluff and pet dander. 

Acting to pick up outside your space is also highly effective, particularly around the locations where your HVAC system is housed. You can take away extra leaves and lawn debris as well as sweep away mold or mildew. With this frequent care, you’ll get rid of these particles before they have a chance to flow about in your HVAC, and avoid breathing any of them in! 

2. Think About Avoiding Artificial Scents

Even while they fill your home with nice scents, many everyday air fresheners contain chemicals that can unfavorably impact your home’s air quality. It can be hard to understand the complex claims many brands make about the safety of their merchandise. To forget these nuisances altogether, find sprays that don’t have chemical scents as well as non-aerosol. But, if you just can’t get enough of that nice citrus aroma, give baking soda and fresh- sliced lemons a chance! This natural choice creates a pleasing smell, and is air-quality approved. Potpourri and other natural materials are also acceptable options if you are looking for fresh-smelling air without all the unhealthy extras. 

3. Consider a Touch of Green 

Adding a few live plants to your space is another great, natural method to better the quality of air in your HVAC. There are many beautiful plants that not only look nice but absorb an array of typical airborne pollutants. If you have animals, do keep in mind that select plants are toxic. Do some research before selecting any plants and putting them in your space where your pet can reach them. If that’s a problem you don’t have to fret about, add as many to an area as you want! They’ll require plenty of sunlight and water, but if you’ve got a green thumb, plants are one of the most engaging ways you can spruce up your decor and air quality all at once. 

4. Routinely Check and Swap Out Air Filters 

As you might already know, the air filters in your space play a large part in taking care of the quality of air that moves around your home. Selecting the correct filter for your the U.S. space can help collect and eradicate debris and allergens from your HVAC, keeping the quality of air high. But that’s only half the battle. Normal maintenance, cleaning and changing of your filter can ensure cleaner, healthier air for a time to come, while giving your HVAC system an opportunity to function at peak efficiency. 

Infogrpahic showing statistics about indoor air quality

5. Work with a Professional

The skilled, insured and fully trained experts at Service Experts Heating, Air Conditioning & Plumbing in the U.S. understand the critical nature of keeping your home’s air and HVAC free of pollutants, allergens and other debris. We’ll work tirelessly to keep it that way, and keep you comfortable. For the best HVAC service

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