Boilers Versus Water Heaters

There are many devices required to run your home. During the summer you may need an AC system or a heat pump. During the winter, most homeowners need a furnace or air handler. Then you have washer and dryers, ranges, refrigerators…the list seems to go on forever. 

But a thing homeowners definitely know is they want hot water. Most homes have a water heater – or in some homes a boiler is used to heat the water. Have you noticed which heating system your home is using to heat your water? Stallion Heating and Air Conditioning is here to help clarify the difference between the two heating systems. 

A water heater is a storage tank that, that’s right, heats water. The heat is either created by burning gas or by using electricity. A typical water heater will heat the water and then keep it at that temperature until the water is used, either for a hot shower, the dishwasher, or any other hot water need. As the hot water is used, fresh cold water enters through the bottom of the tank so it, too, can be heated for use across your home. 

A boiler, on the other hand, can heat water that is used to warm the home and heat the water. A particular type of boiler can heat the water until it turns into steam. The steam will heat the water for the home but can also be dispersed throughout the home and create warmth through radiators. A boiler is also able to heat the air in a forced air heating system, or heat the floor in a radiant heating system. Boilers are very adaptable heating systems that give you great comfort during the cold season. Newer boilers are also very energy efficient. 

Can’t decide which water heating system is right for you? Call Stallion Heating and Air Conditioning in Philadelphia today and we’ll come out and provide you a no-charge in-home estimate.