Why a Gas Furnace Dries Out Your Homes Air and What to Do About It

There’s a reason why air appears drier in the winter than when it’s warmer. That’s because warmer air holds more moisture, or humidity, than colder air. 

The same is true within your the U.S. home. Turning on your gas furnace makes your house feel warmer but can also dry out the indoor air. Dry air can bring a whole host of ailments, including dry skin, cracked lips and make you more vulnerable to getting sick. 

Here’s why your gas furnace dries out your home’s air and what you can do to counter it. 

Your Furnace’s Combustion Procedures are a Portion of the Issue 

The fuel your furnace consumes isn’t the thing responsible for making your home’s air feel dry. Rather, it’s the combustion process. 

There are two different styles of gas furnaces, standard and high efficiency. With an older standard furnace, you can notice light from the burners when it’s on. A newer, high-efficiency furnace is completely sealed. 

A standard furnace, also known as an atmosphere furnace, pulls air from inside your home to work. Because the furnace continuously requires air to burn, it will also pull cold, dry air from outdoors, which in turn lowers your house’s humidity. 

High-efficiency furnaces, also known as a sealed combustion furnace, are better at keeping your humidity balanced. They pull all their combustion air from outside, but it stays trapped within the sealed furnace. As an extra advantage, they keep your residence more cozy while needing less energy. Switching to an ENERGY STAR® furnace from an old furnace may save you as much as 40% on heating costs, according to Lennox®. 

Other than combustion, cold air also naturally moves into your home during colder weather. Decreased humidity means the air will steal moisture quickly from your skin, lips, nose and throat. It also contributes to static electricity. 

How to Stabilize Humidity in Your Home 

Using a humidifier. While a portable humidifier can only make one room comfy at a time, a whole-house humidifier will generate that comfort around your residence. 

These are just a small number of humidifier benefits you’ll get when you put in a whole-home system. 

Better Health During Cold and Flu Season 

It’s common that cooler weather is the worst time for colds, flu and other sicknesses. That’s due to the fact you’re more apt to become sick when your nose and throat are dry. Under particular airflow conditions, air at the right humidity level might also slow the spread of some viruses. In addition, it can weaken year-round allergy symptoms. 

Soothes Dry Skin 

If you have consistently dry skin or eczema, you understand just how aggravating those conditions can be during winter. Getting a whole-house humidifier will help your skin retain more moisture. 

Better Sleep 

Maintaining your bedroom at the right temperature and humidity level will keep you more comfortable at night. It can also reduce loud snoring, since your throat and nose will be better hydrated. 

Defends the Wood in Your Residence 

Cabinets, flooring, furniture and just about anything in your house that’s wood doesn’t like it when humidity is too low. This is because of the fact dry air draws moisture from the wood and causes it to crack. Having your residence’s humidity at the correct level will keep your residence’s furnishings looking their best. 

Little Maintenance Required 

Between regular filter changes and continual refilling, portable humidifiers depend on a lot of upkeep. A whole-house humidifier only needs a tune-up about once a year, which can be completed at the same time as your furnace tune-up. 

A steam humidifier has the lowest amount of maintenance since it doesn’t require a pad. It retains water in a canister and boils it into steam that gets moved through your ductwork. Because it’s independently powered, it can run when the furnace isn’t running. 

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