HEPA Filters Can Help Keep Your Home Pleasant and Healthy

Spring is here, and that means irritating, airborne irritants and flecks are in the air (among other locations). But the quality of the air you’re inhaling in your the U.S. house doesn’t need to be the only way. If you take sufficient steps to equip your house and HVAC, you can reduce the possibility of allergies and sickness developing, and you can even lessen contact with additional airborne irritants and dirt, which will help you be healthier and happier. It all comes down to a quality HEPA filter. 


It May Be Able to Help Stop Illness 

Can your HEPA air filter help block you from catching a sickness? Depends on the situation. HEPA filters cannot protect your family from a virus. There is also no guarantee that any HEPA air filter will take on other sicknesses, such as the flu, cold, or allergies. But a good HEPA filter can increase your odds of staying healthy, when used with common sense best practices. 

Based on Center for Disease Control and Prevention studies, industrial-grade air filters are creating worthwhile results when it comes to restricting the circulation of irritants that float in the air. However, these systems are much more pricier than standard residential filters. HEPA filters for family homes also continue to progress. There are many tests that have confirmed the capability of HEPA filters blocking mold spores, asbestos, odors, smoke and bacteria from your the U.S. home’s air. Don’t forget, several airborne ailments or viruses are too miniature for a HEPA filter to block them from progressing through the air of a typical home. 

HEPA filters can minimize the likelihood of contracting an assortment of ailments associated with regular exposure to micro particles kicked up from construction and other home cleaning activities. For instance, if you’re fixing up parts of your home, enjoy a hobby apt to disturb a bit of dirt or chemicals, or if your space is near certain kinds of production facilities, setting up a HEPA filter could inhibit them from fluttering throughout your home, hence helping to clean the air quality

There are other air filtration to determine which option is best for you.   

Don’t forget, while a HEPA filter could likely lessen the chance of developing common airborne illnesses, it is no surrogate for correct hygiene and the instruction of medical professionals! Keep this information top of mind as you care for your home and family. 

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