Be Ready in Atlanta with a Sump Pump Battery Backup

Your sump pump is one of those things you may not consider until you need it—then you hope it’s operating as it should. Some homes with basements or crawl spaces are protected from ground water damage by a network of drainage pipes around the foundation. The pipes direct water into a shallow pit, or sump, where a sump pump pushes the water out and away from the house through a discharge pipe. A damaged or broken pump can swiftly allow water to overflow the sump and damage your basement. 

Although rather simple, a sump pump is one of the most essential and neglected disaster prevention devices in a home. Sump pumps work regularlyl each time water fills the sump, making them easy to forget about. While generally very reliable, it is only as good as the power that keeps it operating.

When this simple system gives out, the results can be ruinous, causing thousands of dollars in damage, daily disruptions caused by major repair work and higher insurance premiums for years to come. So spending some time and money on avoiding failure makes a lot of sense. That’s the benefit of sump pump battery backup systems—no matter what the reason for the pump failure, a backup system will save the day. 

Advantages of battery backup systems 

  • Simple to maintain
  • Basic installation 
Unlike water-powered systems, battery backup systems operate when there’s no water supply 
  • Operational during power outages 

Considerations for battery backup systems 

  • Battery may run down before power comes back on 
Battery water levels must be checked every few months
  • Battery terminals must be cleaned twice a year 
Battery must be replaced every five years (and costs approximately $100) 

So, when your sump pump starts acting odd, call Stallion Heating and Air Conditioning to investigate your concern and help you decide on new sump pump installation, repair or replacement for your Philadelphia home.