When Should You Repair Your Air Conditioner and When Should You Replace It

Your A/C system is chugging away through another Philadelphia summer and then your cold air stops coming out. You call an AC expert to come to your home and inspect your system and before it’s over you’re going to have to pay a pretty penny for the repair. So when do you call it a day and just replace your current AC equipment? 


Clearly the older your system gets, the more it’s likely to malfunction and lose efficiency. A/C systems over ten years old are actually much less efficient than the current energy-efficient models available today. But if your system is more than 14 years old, you are likely to put in more money over time to keep it functioning than if you just invested in a new, energy-efficient air conditioning system. 


To keep on topic with the theme above, ultimately it’s going to start costing more to invest in new parts and repair issues than it would to just buy a new AC system. Another thing to remember is R-22, the common refrigerant for old A/C equipment, is being discontinued for the protection of the environment. If your AC was manufactured before 2010, you will most likely see a spike in the charge for your refrigerant until you upgrade your system. 


Technology is constantly developing and with that comes more energy-efficient A/C systems. Systems now tend to cost less to operate because they are capable of cooling the home more efficiently, lowering your energy bills – and who doesn’t like that? 

To set-up your complimentary in-home estimate to replace your old inefficient air conditioning system, call Stallion Heating and Air Conditioning at 215-259-5850. We will come over, evaluate your current AC system, and review all of your options with you so you can make the ideal decision for your home. For further information regarding if now is the best time to upgrade, call today for a free in-home consultation.  

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