How to Fix Your Air Conditioner When It Ices Over

Your air conditioner works day and night to keep indoor temperatures pleasant. But occasionally things don’t work like they’re supposed to and ice forms in or around your cooling system. This may negatively affect important components or even stop your air conditioning from running.

If you’ve found ice on your air conditioner, it’s a smart idea to contact our cooling Experts at 678-235-9699. Our technicians are the best name in service when it comes to air conditioning repair in Atlanta.

While there are many reasons ice can grow in or around your air conditioner, the most frequent culprit is a lack of preventive maintenance. Taking simple steps to keep your air conditioner running normally will go a long way in halting the formation of ice.

Some of these helpful tasks include the following:

Putting in a New the Air Filter

If your air filter is dirty or clogged, air struggles to move over the evaporator coil, which is a crucial step in the cooling process. This affects refrigerant inside the coil and collects extra moisture, which turns to ice. We encourage reviewing your filter once a month and replacing it when you can’t see light through it.

Cleaning the Coil

Even if you switch your air filter on a regular basis, a dirty coil might also ice over. Peachtree Service Experts specialists will routinely clean the evaporator coil as part of our total maintenance process. We suggest requesting air conditioning maintenance annually to keep your coil clean and to reduce the chance of breakdowns.

Inspecting Refrigerant Levels

Without adequate refrigerant, the evaporator coil can’t hold as much heat and may ice up. As a result, your home will be hotter and less comfortable. The most frequent culprit of reduced refrigerant is a leak. Our Experts are well-versed in locating these leaks and getting your air conditioner at the right refrigerant level.

Maintaining Electrical Wiring

Damaged wiring will disrupt the blower motor. Without consistent airflow, the temperature can drop, and ice will form. Knowledgeable HVAC technicians like those at Peachtree Service Experts will evaluate all electrical components during routine maintenance to make sure nothing is out of place. Bad wiring will be redone as necessary.

Peachtree Service Experts designs extensive maintenance membership packages to maximize your air conditioner’s effectiveness. With routine service visits, the likelihood for severe problems is greatly reduced.

Ice on Your Air Conditioner Can Also Mean There’s a Larger Issue

It’s possible ice on your air conditioner is pointing to a larger problem. No air conditioner lives forever. And if you have an older one that requires R-22 refrigerant, you’ll be out of luck if you need more refrigerant, since it’s no longer being produced.

If you’re consistently repairing your air conditioner and bills are stacking up, it may be time to find a new one. We proudly offer affordable air conditioning replacement in Atlanta. Our installation process is simple and stress free, so you can get back to your normal routine fast.

For an even better value, consider enrolling in our Advantage Program™. A new air conditioner can cost thousands out of pocket and be an expense you’re not entirely prepared for. With the Advantage Program, you’ll receive a new, high-efficiency system for just one low monthly price. There’s no down payment or installation fee, and you get to hold onto all applicable rebates. Repairs, maintenance and 24/7 priority service for emergencies are all included at no additional cost.*

Don’t neglect ice on your air conditioner for a second longer. Get in touch with Peachtree Service Experts at 678-235-9699 to arrange your appointment today. Whatever you need, we guarantee you’ll be pleased through our 100% Satisfaction Guarantee.

*Not applicable to the Advantage Program. See your signed Advantage Program agreement for full details and exclusions. 100% Satisfaction Guarantee is subject to certain restrictions and limitations as set forth in the applicable Terms and Conditions.

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